German I 2nd Semester Exam Outline, May 2012 (Frau Lader)

German I 2nd Semester Exam Outline           May, 2012    (Frau Lader)

General Info: 

To best prepare for this exam, which will cover Chapters 4-7 and parts of Chapter 8, you should

  • review all dialogues throughout each chapter (you may leave out the dialogues that are labeled “Lesestück” at the end of each chapter, as we did not do these).
  • review all vocabulary lists (at the end of each section and at the end of each chapter).
  • review all green sections labeled “Sprache” (this is the grammar you will be responsible for).
  • review all notes you  have been given in class.  This is particularly important, as you have received extensive notes expanding upon what was in the textbook.

NOTE:  Learning a foreign language is by its very nature cumulative.  You may also need to review the material from Chapters 1-3 in order to be able to do what is required in Chapters 4-8.

Aiken Middle School Exam Date:  Friday, May 25, 2012

Aiken High School Exam Date:  1st & 4th, Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NOTE:  Senior Exams will be the week of Monday, May 22-25 (1st & 4th:  Tuesday, May 22)


Know the vocabulary for anything pertaining to

  • school (ch. 4)
  • months, weather, days of week, seasons, countries, languages (ch. 4 & 5)
  • food and restaurant/café vocabulary (ch. 6)
  • clothing, shopping, colors (ch. 7)
  • gifts and purchasing gifts (ch.8 )


Know the conjugations of and how to use the following verbs in sentences:

  • sein (p. 111); modals (p. 161 and p. 163); werden, p. 174 (be able to not only use in a sentence, but in future formations); stem-changing verbs (p. 196); wissen (p. 209); also know when to  use wissen vs. kennen (the two forms of “to know”)

Know also how to use

  • definite articles in nominative and accusative case (p. 94 & notes)
  • indefinite articles in nominative and accusative case (p. 130 & notes)
  • plural forms of nouns (p. 143 and notes)
  • how to use modals in a sentence (see notes, p. 161, p. 163)
  • negation (p. 176 and notes)
  • possessive adjectives in nominative and accusative (p. 226 and notes)


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